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Power Electronics Consulting
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Strategic Technology Group
Design, Development and Manufacturing of Brushless
Permanent Magnet Motors, Motor Control & Motor Drives
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We Facilitate Extraordinary and Sustainable Innovation and
Commercialization in the Field of Brushless Permanent Magnet
Motors, Motor Drives and Power Electronics
Core Competencies
PM Motor Design
Motor Drives
Power Electronics
Algorithm Development
C Programming
ST/TI/Microchip uCs
(8-bit to 32-bit)
Digital Design
Analog Design
PSpice Simulation
MATLAB Simulation
Finite Element Analysis
Low & High Frequency -
Electromagnetic Design
Schematics Development
Circuit Design
PCB Layout (PADS)
UL/CSA/FDA Regulatory Compliance
Mechanical Design (SolidWorks)
Automotive/Military Products
Reliability Analysis
Statistical Analysis –
(Worst Case, Monte Carlo etc.)

Brushless Permanent Magnet Motor

Motor Control

Motor Drive Systems

Motor Expert

Permanent Magnet Motors


Power Electronics