3-Day Workshop

3-Day Workshop
Motor, Inverter, Hardware,
and Firmware Design Techniques
Permanent Magnet Brushless Motors – A System Approach
February 26-28, 2018
Pune, Maharashtra, India
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1.0 The Journey of Passion, Perfection and Extraordinary Knowledge

A great idea is borne in just a few short moments. It takes, perhaps, a bit more to document and engineer the design. Probably, a bit more to prototype. It takes a lifetime to perfect it. The experience of the journey is extraordinary, and we must share it with all. The incredible discovery of knowledge, application of that knowledge and power to change the world forever fills this journey.

We want to share our knowledge and experiences with you so your journey may be more natural.

This workshop is a culmination of our work in the field of motors, motor drives and power electronics for the last 27 years.  Strategic Technology Group has launched the most innovative and revolutionary products in the area of motors and motor drives for the previous eight years. So, We speak with the experience of having lived through each of these products from conception to manufacturing launch to continuous perfection. The mistakes were grand, the lessons were painful, the discovery of knowledge was extraordinary, and the passion and dedication were without question. You required all to win at the end.

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2.0 Lessons from the Trenches

We believe that a real-world class product in motors and motor drives is not possible without knowing all four aspects of the systems in depth:

  1. Motor;
  2. Inverter;
  3. Hardware;
  4. Firmware,

And it is not that hard to learn all aspects. The needs of the hour pushed us hard to help our team of engineers to solve serious design problems. And the benefits of this learning to all were tremendous.

Engineering a world class wonder is never easy, and it requires taking prudent risks and a profound discovery and application of knowledge. Experience and hard lessons from the trenches are most valuable.

For a Company, Cumulative Discovery of Knowledge and its Application must reach a Critical point for it to matter. The journey must be Passionate and Patient.

This Course brings a comprehensive and practical knowledge together in a 3-day course on the motor, inverter, hardware, and firmware design techniques with a system approach. A system approach is critical because it forces engineers to evaluate problems with a 360-degree view rather than a narrow portion of it.

Only an in-depth knowledge of the motor characteristics can help develop great hardware and firmware. Knowing the limitations of hardware and firmware helps us develop an excellent motor. And no cost reduction is possible without optimizing each of these components for their best performance individually and at a system level.

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3.0 Course Objectives

This Course aims at imparting knowledge of techniques for developing brushless permanent magnet motors, drives and systems. The Course has the following objectives:

  1. Provide the participants training on techniques for simulating, designing and analyzing brushless permanent magnet motor systems;
  2. Allow the participants to evaluate various tools & strategies and understand practical constraints for different approaches;
  3. Help the participants learn how to assess their brushless permanent magnet motor systems design procedures and determine when use of specific methods can be most effective;
  4. Provide the participants tools and techniques for reevaluating their current brushless permanent magnet motor systems with new tools and methods;
  5. Demonstrate these methods for various brushless permanent magnet motor systems;

Provide working circuits and models.

4.0 Course Advantages

  1. Enhance and Advance your knowledge of brushless permanent magnet motor systems;
  2. Develop innovative brushless permanent magnet motor systems;
  3. Enhance skills of your team in the areas of brushless permanent magnet motor systems dramatically;
  4. Engage in more effective brushless permanent magnet motor system program management for your company;
  5. Significantly cut development time;
  6. Predict and eliminate failure rates;
  7. Improve quality & reliability;
  8. Innovate with new techniques;
  9. Reduce cost;
  10. Improve manufacturability;
  11. Compare several alternative solutions.

5.0 Who Should Attend

  1. Motor and Generator Engineers (Beginners and Advanced);
  2. Drive and Control Engineers;
  3. Application Engineers;
  4. Engineering Directors;
  5. Engineering and R&D Managers;
  6. Electrical Engineers;
  7. Power Electronics Engineers;
  8. System Engineers;
  9. Product Development Engineers;
  10. Embedded Engineers;
  11. Faculty and Students.

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6.0 Day One: Fundamentals, Dynamic Modeling, Mechanical Aspects, and Simulations

Day One of the course will cover dynamic modeling of BLDC motors, motor design considerations, motor architectures, analytical design methods and introduction to space vectors. Mechanical aspects such as power transmission basics, motor selection criteria, motor mounting methods, mechanical modes of failure and thermal analysis will also be covered. Several PSpice™ simulations covering dynamic modeling will be demonstrated.

7.0 Day Two: Inverter, Hardware and Firmware Design and Detailed Design Examples.  Hardware and Firmware Design, Modeling and Simulation using VISSIM™(EMBED™ Solid Thinking) and PSpice™

Day Two of the course will focus on hardware and firmware design, power stage design, inverter and peripheral circuit design, and network for motor control systems.

Day two of the course will also cover two designs (motor + controller) in detail along with the design calculations, simulations, processor selection, circuit design and final performance results. Also, VISSIM™ (now solidThinking Embed) be demonstrated as a tool for firmware development along with Matlab and Simulink. BLDC motor and drives problems and solutions will be presented in detail along with driving algorithms.

8.0 Day Three: Finite Element Analysis, System Simulations, and Detailed Design Examples

Day Three of the course will cover 2D and 3D finite element analysis and simulations. Several motor designs will be considered from design specifications. MagNet™ 2D/3D Electromagnetic Field Simulation Software, MotorSolve™ and PSpice™ analysis and simulations will be demonstrated.

9.0 Workshop Schedule

9.1 Day One: Fundamentals, Dynamic Modeling, Mechanical Aspects and Simulations

Day 1 Schedule

Use of FEA for Dynamic Modeling of PMSM: FEA can be used to estimate the Ld and Lq parameters and saliency of the machine, and consequently these parameters can be used to simulate the complete system behavior and performance in PSpice or Simulink.

Motor Architectures: Day one will discuss various motor architectures.

Understanding Space Vector Fundamentals: Day one will discuss space vector fundamentals and how the winding currents help generate the space vector fundamentals. Understanding of the space vectors is critical in design and optimization of motors and drives.

Starter Alternator Design Considerations

Mounting Considerations for Brushless PMSM

Illustration of Principles of Mounting

Power Transmission Basics

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9.2 Day Two: Inverter, Hardware and Firmware Design and Detailed Design Examples.  Hardware and Firmware Design, Modeling and Simulation using VISSIM™ (EMBED™ Solid Thinking) and PSpice™.

Day 2 Schedule

Fundamentals of Field Oriented Control are discussed in detail. A simulation model is built from grounds up.

Transformations from Rotary Axis to Stationary Axis and Vice Versa

Deriving the Space Vector Model

9.3 Day Three: Finite Element Analysis, System Simulations, and Detailed Design Examples

Day 3 Schedule

With Model-based tools such as VISSIM™, the code development and maintenance are significantly simplified.

Using an 8-bit microcontroller for sensorless control

State Machine for Firmware Implementation and Execution

Sinusoidal Control Methods for Controlling PMSM

Space Vector Simulation and Implementation

Finite Element Analysis using MotorSolve™

Flux and Flux Density Distribution

Understanding Winding Arrangements and Space Vectors

3D Finite Element Analysis using MagNet™ 3D

3D Finite Element Analysis using MagNet™ 3D

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10.0 About Us

Strategic Technology Group (STG) designs, develops and manufactures brushless permanent magnet/BLDC motors and motor drives for customer specific applications. STG also offers a comprehensive analysis of motors, motion control and drive products, and systems. STG helps customers with optimal design selection, sizing and configuration of Motion Control Systems.

STG’s staff has developed a critical understanding and published on a wide range of permanent magnet/BLDC motors, motor control, motor drives, high-frequency electromagnetic components, electric vehicles and switch mode power systems. STG’s staff has co-authored over 30 publications in various refereed journals and conference proceedings and filed for several issued or pending US patents.

STG has significant skills in the field of motor engineering, mechanical engineering, power electronics, analog and digital electronics, software engineering, test engineering, manufacturing engineering and system simulation, design, and integration.

STG has successfully delivered permanent magnet motors, motor drives and battery management systems in the areas of electric vehicles, electric bicycles, electric scooters, power wheelchairs and washing machines. STG has an in-depth understanding of the requirements for consumer, medical, automotive and industrial systems.

STG’s staff has extensively pursued technology beyond the traditional three-phase motors by engaging in the design of seven and five-phase radial as well as axial flux permanent magnet brushless motors.

STG’s 5-Phase Falco Motor Technology Offers the lowest weight and highest power and torque density in the light electric vehicle industry today.

STG is headquartered in the metro Washington DC area with significant research, development and manufacturing capability in the areas of permanent magnet brushless motors, motor control, and motor drive systems. Currently, STG has offices in the US, UK, and India. STG’s research, development, and manufacturing are located in Pune, India.

STG has developed a unique and highly successful approach called CARE™ to product development and project management for complex technology products involving embedded systems, electro-magnetic and electro-mechanical components and power electronics. Our CARE™ approach has four main elements –

  • Clearly defined customer requirements
  • Ample focus on analysis, simulation, and modeling
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Effective project management techniques

We bring products to fruition in short time. We combine the best practical, technical and academic knowledge to deliver our clients’ unique competitive advantages.

World’s First 300Nm Fan HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) Platform launched in a record time.

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Team at STG

STG has a talented and robust engineering team of

Motor engineers

specializing in the design of motors and high-frequency magnetic components using FEA (Finite Element Analysis) as well as analytical methods;

Electrical engineers

specializing in power electronics, analog, and digital circuit design;

Mechanical engineers

specializing in 3-D modeling and chassis design with die-cast and CNC machined components using SolidWorks;

Software engineers

specializing in algorithm and programming for TI, ST and Microchip DSPs and Micro-controllers;

Embedded engineers

specializing in digital circuit design, Network communication protocol implementation (CAN, RS232, RS485, I2C, MODBUS, SERCOS, DeviceNet, and Profibus), C and C++ programming;

Layout engineers

for designing printed circuit boards for harsh consumer, automotive, medical and industrial applications using PADS™;

Test engineers

for designing customer-specific test stands with National Instrument’s LABVIEW™ Software;

Project engineers

to ensure performance, schedule and cost objectives;

Research & Simulation engineers

to further the understanding of PWM techniques, fuzzy logic, field-oriented, space vector and sensorless control methods;

Manufacturing engineers

specializing in shorter time to production with minimum risk;

11.0 Our Vision

To bring remarkable and extraordinary value to our customers by helping them, create cutting edge technology products in the field of Permanent Magnet Motors, Motor Control and Motor Drives and Systems.

12.0 Our Mission

We are committed to the acquisition and application of state of the art knowledge, tools, methods, and processes to deliver most exceptional value to our customers. We are committed to protecting our customers’ interests with the highest level of integrity and ethics.

13.0 Our Core Values

Truth: Commitment to facts.
Promise:  Commitment to promises made.
Honesty and Integrity: Commitment to honesty and truth by promoting transparency in all dealings.
Fairness and Justice: Commitment to fairness and justice inside and outside the company.
Excellence: Commitment to excellence to our customers.

14.0 About Rakesh

Rakesh Dhawan founded Strategic Technology Group in 2009. He is a twenty-seven years veteran of motors and motor drive Industry. He has developed a critical understanding and published on a wide range of motors, motor drives, high-frequency electromagnetic components, electric vehicles and switch mode power systems.  He has co-authored over 25 publications in various refereed journals and conference proceedings and is an inventor on eleven issued or pending US patents. He has served on the Technical Committee of the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC). He received the B. Tech (Electrical Engineering) degree from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, India. He received his MS degrees from the University of Minnesota under the tutelage of Power Electronics pioneer Prof. Ned Mohan. He received his MBA from Old Dominion University.

He has been directly responsible for over twenty-five successful product launches in his career many of them involving brushless permanent magnet motor systems. Rakesh has conducted several workshops in the recent past in the field of motors and motor drives. His interests include brushless permanent magnet motor systems, light electric vehicles, electric bicycles, switch mode power supplies, solar inverters, simulation, statistics, project management and new and ultra-fast product development methodologies. Rakesh is a high energy individual with a difference; he combines technology excellence, leadership and professional management skills with his inborn entrepreneurial instincts.

Rakesh is a member of IEEE and the Entrepreneur’s Organization (Washington-DC Chapter) and is very keen on nurturing innovation and entrepreneurial talent in the field of technology development and management.

15.0 About Govindarajan

Sh. Govindarajan Srinivasan

Sh. Govindarajan Srinivasan is the chairman of the board of advisors at Falco eMotors Inc. He is a graduate of IIT Madras. He was General Manager and Head of Advanced Technology at Tata Motors until his recent retirement in 2017. His interests span hybrid electric vehicles, power electronics, brushless motors, lithium batteries and ECU software, hardware and control systems.

He is an educator of the highest caliber with immense dedication to making a difference in the life of young and hungry engineers.

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16.0 Some of our customers


17.0 Registration Details

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Price exclusive of all taxes:

Early Bird Price:
Industry ₹ 34,995/-,
Students: ₹ 9,995,
Faculty: ₹ 19,995 (before Jan 21)

Regular Price:
Industry:  ₹ 39,995,
Students: ₹ 14,995,
Faculty: ₹ 24,995 (after Jan 21)

18.0 For Registration

You may send email to Ms. Suvarna Kadlag at Suvarna.Kadlag@falcoemotors.com with the following details or click here to register:

Full Name,
Company Name,
Phone Number and
Email Address.

The seats will be reserved after receiving payment.

Payment by Check/ or bank transfer in advance in favor of

Falco eMotors Pvt. Ltd.
A-105, H-Block, Near Bharat Gas Agency (Morwadi Court),
MIDC Pimpri, Pune-411018.
Call us at: +91 – 20 69332255,  20 69332266

19.0 Venue:

MIDC Pimpri, Pune-411018

20.0 Course Deliverables

  1. Course Workbook
  2. Slides, Tools, and Methods (Softcopy)
  3. Certificate of Completion

21.0 Cancellation Policy

If you believe it necessary to cancel your registration, we will issue a full refund minus a ₹ 2500 administration fee for cancellations received in writing at least 20 business days before the event. The registration fee is non-refundable for cancellations made less than 20 days before the event. In those cases, you may transfer your registration fee to a substitute person to attend. Those who do not cancel and do not attend are responsible for the full registration fee.

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