About us

Strategic Technology Group (STG) designs, develops and manufactures brushless permanent magnet motors and motor drives for customer specific applications. STG also offers comprehensive  analysis of motors, motion control and drive products and systems. STG helps customers with optimal selection, sizing and configuration of Motion Control Systems.

STG has developed critical understanding and published on a wide range of Permanent Magnet Motors, Motor Control, Motor Drives, High Frequency Electromagnetic  Components, Electric Vehicles and Switch Mode Power Systems. STG’s staff has co-authored over 30 publications in various refereed journals and conference proceedings and filed for several issued or pending US patents.

STG has significant skills in the field of Motor Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Power Electronics, Analog and Digital Electronics, Software Engineering, Test Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and System Simulation, Design and Integration.

STG has successfully delivered Permanent Magnet motors, motor drives and battery management systems in the areas of Electric Vehicles, Electric Bicycles, Electric Scooters, Power Wheelchairs and Washing Machines. STG has in-depth understanding of the requirements for consumer, medical, automotive and industrial systems.

STG and STG’s staff has extensively pursued technology beyond the traditional three-phase motors by engaging in the design of seven and five-phase radial as well as axial flux permanent magnet brushless motors.

STG is head-quartered in the metro Washington DC area with significant research, development and manufacturing capability in the areas of permanent magnet brushless motors, motor control and motor drive systems. Currently, STG has offices in the US, UK and India. STG’s research, development and manufacturing are located in Pune, India.

STG is headed by Rakesh Dhawan, a twenty-seven years veteran of Motors, Motor Drives and Power Electronics. Rakesh has degrees in Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology and University of Minnesota, and an MBA from Old Dominion University. Rakesh has been an entrepreneur who has built sevhigh-qualityality technology businesses in the past. Rakesh has seven approved and filed patents and twenty five conference and journal publications to his credit. Rakesh founded STG to further his passion in brushless permanent magnet motors, motor control, motor drives and successful development and launch of new products.

STG has developed a unique and highly successful approach called CARE™ to product development and project management for complex technology products involving embedded systems, electro-magnetic  and electro-mechanical components and power electronics. Our CARE™ approach has four main elements –

  • Clearly defined customer requirements
  • Ample focus on analysis, simulation and modeling
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Effective project management techniques

We bring products to fruition in short time. We combine the best practical, technical and academic knowledge to bring our clients unique competitive advantages.

STG has a strong and talented engineering team of

  • Motor engineers specializing in the design of motors and high frequency magnetic components using FEA (Finite Element Analysis) as well as analytical methods;
  • Electrical engineers specializing in power electronics, analog and digital circuit design;
  • Mechanical engineers specializing in 3-D modeling and chassis design with die cast and CNC machined components using SolidWorks;
  • Software engineers specializing in algorithm and programming for TI, ST and Microchip DSPs and Micro-controllers;
  • Embedded engineers specializing in digital circuit design, Network communication  protocol implementation  (RS232, RS485, I2C, MODBUS, SERCOS, DeviceNet and Profibus), C and C++ programming;
  • Layout engineers for designing printed circuit boards for harsh consumer, automotive, medical and industrial applications using PADS;
  • Test engineers for designing customer-specific  test stands with National Instrument’s LABVIEW software;
  • Project engineers to ensure performance, schedule and cost objectives;
  • Research & Simulation engineers to further the understanding in PWM techniques, fuzzy logic, field-oriented, space vector and sensorless control methods;
  • Manufacturing  engineers specializing in shorter time to production with minimum risk;

Our Vision

To bring remarkable and extraordinary value to our customers by helping them, create cutting edge technology products in the field of Permanent Magnet Motors, Motor Control and Motor Drives and Systems.

Our Mission

We are committed to the acquisition and application of state of the art knowledge, tools, methods and processes to deliver the greatest value to our customers. We are committed to protecting our customers’ interests with the highest level of integrity and ethics.

Our Core Values

  • Truth: Commitment to facts.
  • Promise:  Commitment to promises made.
  • Honesty and Integrity: Commitment to honesty and truth by promoting transparency in all dealings.
  • Fairness and Justice: Commitment to fairness and justice inside and outside the company.
  • Excellence: Commitment of excellence to our customers.
Rakesh Dhawan, President & CEO www.linkedin.com/in/rakeshkdhawan

Rakesh Dhawan founded Strategic Technology Group LLC in 2009. He has developed a critical understanding and published on a wide range of Motors, Motor Drives, High-Frequency Electromagnetic  Components, Electric Vehicles and Switch Mode Power Systems.  He has co-authored over 25 publications in various refereed journals and conference proceedings and is an inventor on 6 issued or pending US patents. He has served on the Technical Committee of the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC). He received the B. Tech (Electrical Engineering) degree from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, India. He received his MS degrees from the University of Minnesota under the tutelage of Power Electronics pioneer Prof. Ned Mohan. He received his MBA from Old Dominion University.

Rakesh is a high energy individual with a difference; he combines technology excellence, leadership and professional management skills with his inborn entrepreneurial instincts. Over the years, Rakesh has successfully handled several leadership, management and corporate functions with hands-on experience in managing the growth and operational challenges associated with early-stage companies.

bRakesh is a member of the Entrepreneurial  Organization (Washington-DC  Chapter) and is very keen on nurturing entrepreneurial  talent in the field of Technology Development and Management.

Design, Development and Manufacturing of Brushless Permanent Magnet Motors, Motor Control & Motor Drives