Product Development and Management Strategy Worksheets

There are two important aspects of product development and management strategy which we believe in as follows:

  1. 80/20 Principle;
  2. Simplicity.

Those two rules are important to follow. As per 80/20 principle, we must spend 80% of our time in planning and 20% in execution. Or another explanation is that the 20% planning activity will control the 80% execution activity. So time spent on planning is going to dramatically impact the outcome of the project.  If not done, the time to execute a project can become 4x. As they say, if you have eight hours to cut a tree, spend six hours in sharpening the ax. It is quite important to understand the implications of the 80/20 principle.

Simplicity is critical. Complexity is inherent as things evolve. However, without simplicity, we are lost. We can not navigate the complex world without well-defined principles baked with simplicity. Simplicity in planning, execution, and tracking are essential for a successful completion of a technology project. Graphics below showcase some of our thoughts about engineering, teamwork and thought processes during engineering.

  1. How do we Engineer?
  2. What defines a team member?
  3. How do we think as Engineers?

Here is a ready document which can be downloaded to plan your next project. Download worksheets. 



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