We offer the following services:

Brushless Permanent Motor Design: We offer brushless permanent magnet motor technology design for radial as well as axial flux architectures using state o the art tools and techniques. Brushless permanent magnet motors are reshaping the world today with their extensive use in Wind Power, Electric Vehicles, Appliances, etc. The course will also cover the use of Finite Element Analysis tools.

Axial Flux Motor Design


Radial Flux Motor Design
Finite Element Analysis for Axial Flux Motor Design

eDrive Design: Various motor technologies require unique design principles, hardware configuration and algorithm. We offer motor drive design services for brushed, brushless, reluctance and induction motors for low voltage as well as high voltage applications.

Integrated Inverter and Brushless Permanent Magnet Motor for HVLS Fan Application
Inverter Designed for High Voltage Applications

Power Electronics Systems: Power Electronic Systems forms the backbone of various motor drive topologies. We use state of the art semiconductor and power electronic component materials, converter and drive topologies, in our designs.


Block Diagram of the Inverter Designed for High Voltage Applications


Algorithm Design and Development: Every great software must be developed with a well thought out algorithm. However, in the real world, this is not always the case. Reality calls for changing requirements. We use state of the art algorithm development for various motor drives, MCU and DSP controller, and the Agile principle of software development. We use model-based software development tools such as Matlab, Solid Thinking Embed. Simulation techniques using PSpice, Simulink, Simnon, etc. are used to develop and verify the algorithms.

We have extensive in-house expertise for all aspects of Motor and Drives

Embedded C: Embedded C forms the backbone of most of the motor drives and power electronic systems. We use concurrent principles of C programming and with world-class expertise in programming 8-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers or Digital Signal Processors.

BLDC Motor – PWM Switching Schemes

Hardware Design Principles: We offer services in circuit schematics, printed circuit board layout and assembly. We have world-class expertise in analog as well as digital circuit design as it pertains to motor drives, power electronics and embedded systems.

Considerations for Low Voltage Drives

Manufacturing Services: For significant innovations to be realized, it is essential that we focus on basic principles of production and understand supply chain strategy surrounding an innovative product. We offer manufacturing services through our suppliers, processes, materials, supply chain clusters and technologies to bring products to production quickly and efficiently.

Written Communication Services: It is critical that great innovators learn to communicate well. Without essential communication skills, one misses a great many opportunities. Therefore, this service helps in the areas of written English for engineers and engineering managers. The focus is on technical paper and article writing, team communication, proposal preparation, etc.

Project Management Services: All great innovations need brilliant project managers. Basic principles of project management are simple and straight-forward. This service will teach what is essential and critical in managing changes.

Product Certification Services: In this day and age, all products must achieve certain certification to be accepted. These certification standards have evolved over last several decades and mainly focus on EMI/EMC compliance, consumer safety regarding fire, shock, etc. We have in-house expertise for most of the key UL, IEC, TUV standards for Automotive, Medical, Consumer applications to prepare the innovator of the future for the current and upcoming regulatory environment.


Design, Development and Manufacturing of Brushless Permanent Magnet Motors, Motor Control & Motor Drives